Collective Finance

Yield on Gold, Silver, and Diamond Backed Tokens

Mint & Redeem live on Arbitrum
Check out this video for an in depth explanation of our protocol
Meet the Team
Our team at Collective Finance brings together years of on and off-chain experience and have a track record of successful business operations.

Our Founders help operate numerous multi-national businesses and have real-world success in fund-raising and revenue generation into millions of dollars.

This unique skill set and experience will serve as a foundation of success for Collective Finance and its community.

Crypzom - Zachary
Crypzom - Zachary
North American Entrepreneur and a Green Earth Enthusiast. Zach aka "Crypzom" has diversified himself with many different skill sets such as Ag Research and Regenerative Farming Consulting, Renewable Energy, and Finance. He is also an Owner/Operator of a Highly Successful Automotive Repair and Performance Facility. Zach has had great success at fundraising and has been a Seed investor in DeFi for about Three Years Now.
Time zone – MST
Doc - Bryan
Doc - Bryan
Real-world physician and clinical scientist. Entrepreneur and multi-national business owner. Experience with executive-level management with multi-million-dollar business operations. Extensive experience with fundraising and seed round investing as well as product development. Defi and Angel investor. Precious metals enthusiast.
Time zone - EST
NP - Xiong
NP - Xiong
Defi operator with executive-level experience in protocol development and oversight. Technical expert with coding experience and integration as well as developer management. History of successful project development, initiation, oversight, and management. Entrepreneur with successful capital raises experience. Crypto trader and investor.
Time zone – GMT +8
Chrome - Jacob
Chrome - Jacob
Entrepreneur with significant defi experience including project architecture and development. Specialist in operations and community management. Crypto investor and trader. Commodity connoisseur.
Time Zone - PST
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Who we are
Who we are
Collective Finance is a project that aims to provide a secure way to earn yield on the commodities asset class, while at the same time getting exposure to digital representations of them.
Our goal
Our protocol's goal
Our Goal
Our goal is to provide a secure and transparent way for users to access consistent and reliable exposure to commodity representations in decentralized finance.
Our tokens
Asset-Backed and Over-Collateralized
This C-Token is a tokenized equivalent of gold on the blockchain. It is an asset-backed, over-collateralized commodity representation. The price of CGLD will remain stable at 1:1 with 1 gram of gold.

PAXG is the token that collaterallizes CGLD. PAXG is backed by physical gold and is audited monthly. Click here to learn more about PAXG.

Our Roadmap
  1. 1. Startup

    • Setup Discord & socials
    • Beta dApp
    • Seed/Angel round capital raise
    • Hire in-house marketing team
    • Prelimary smart contract development
    • KYC with Assure Defi
    • Audit with CTD SEC
  2. 2. Pre-launch

    • Acquire PAXG collateral in Vault and mint initial CGLD circulating supply
    • Initial CGLD liquidity on Arbitrum
    • Dashboard with on-chain data feed for Treasury, Vault, & Portfolio
    • Mint & Redeem live deploy on Arbitrum
    • Release Angel NFT collection
    • NFT Staking live deploy for Angel, & CGLD NFTs
    • Autocompounder Vaults for primary CGLD pairs
    • Form more CGLD liquidity pools on multiple DEXs
  3. 3. Launch

    • Partnerships & Cross-Promo Events
    • Expand marketing & advertising campaign
    • Diversify protocol Portfolio
    • In-house arbitrage bots to stablize CGLD price across different LPs
    • Angel NFT bonus distribution (unannounced)
    • Partnership with ReFi (Regenerative Finance) industry giant (under NDA at the moment)
  4. 4. Growth

    • Deploy liquidity on multiple chains
    • Multi-chain farms on different DEXs
    • Release 2nd C-Token NFT collection
    • Deploy 2nd C-Token liquidity & farms
  5. Further out

    • CEX listings
    • PAXG partnership
    • Release 3rd C-Token NFT collection
    • Deploy 3rd C-Token liquidity & farms
    • Convert a portion of excess collateral (above 100%) into physical yield-generating assets
    • Real-world ReFi asset acquisition
The CollectiveFi NFTs
Why become a Collector?
Collective Finance will be leveraging the erc721 (NFT) technology to determine and distribute rewards garnered from it's real-yield revenue model. NFT collectors will be a part of this advanced collective financial model.
  • All of the NFTs that launch will earn rewards from the fees that the project collects from the various revenue streams.
  • There will be multiple raises and sales of different kinds of NFTs; the first to launch is a set of exclusive Angel NFTs with the most robust rewards and benefits.
  • Further rounds will focus on each individual C-Token by helping to raise funds for the backing and over-collateralization of every new token, the first being CGLD.
  • C-Token-focused NFTs will have rewards similar to that of the Angel NFTs except they will have a focus on the rewards generated from the corresponding C-Token they represent. Angel NFTs get variying access to all.
  • Specific CGLD NFT yield and benefits to be released soon. Stay up to date with us by following us on Twitter and joining our community on Discord!
NFT Benefits
  • 25% rev share from the Vault
  • 25% rev share from the Portfolio
  • 25% of all Mint & Redeem fees to Angel NFTs
  • 50% Discount on Mint & Redeem Fee for Angel NFTs
  • Future ability to lend or rent out NFT
  • Periodic bonuses based on Treasury growth
  • Angel NFT gives instant WL access to future sales/raises
Any more questions?
Thanks for considering Collective Finance! If you have any additional questions about our protocol or ways to get involved as an early investor, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to provide you with all the information you need. We're always available on our Discord channel to answer any of your questions.
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Assure audited
This Decentralized Finance project is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or investment advice. The platform is offered "as is" and without warranties of any kind. Users assume all risks associated with the use of this platform, including the risk of loss of funds, technical glitches, and regulatory changes. The project team reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the platform at any time without notice. By using this platform, users agree to indemnify and hold harmless the project team from any claims arising from the use of this platform.